"While I believe that the best and most humane and respectful way to live is a vegan lifestyle, and

the only lifestyle we will promote on GGK, I live on the premise of giving people a platform to

evolve and not drive them away with notions of perfection. It’s not my way or the highway. That

means we WANT vegetarians and even omnivores on our site. We may be the only place for

them to come for concrete and fair information."



Good Green Karma needs to gain exposure and customer recognition for its brand. In addition, the company needs to  create a cohesive marketing approach to further differentiate itself from competitors and allow its brand to better support it’s position as a leader in the industry. 


Good Green Karma has a focus on community and many bringing together many elements to become a trusted source in the vegan/vegetarian/plant based community. The use of nature, green and community as a whole helped focus the idea for the logo design. Thinking of a circle which signifies life and abundance we began with that concept. 

Throughout the process, the focus of community really began to speak to me and the development of a whole image/everything as one, in balance with nature took the concept to completion

The Primary logo presents the best of all of the concepts we designed. Through working with an illustrator we were able to design a logo based off of the digital idea and create something holistic. Deciding to keep the text outside of the primary illustration, allows us to use the text and graphic as separate entities: as secondary logo's.

Overall, the primary and secondary logos convey a sense of unity and peace, appealing to the community and nature aspects. The logo is original in that there is nothing like it in the vegan/vegetarian/whole foods world. It is clear what the company is but allows people to search for their own meaning within the nature scape-and following their path to growth and the community.


The brand comes to life through the  use of a free flowing sans serif font with character. By wrapping the text around the circle, we continue the theme of connectivity and community. 

For the secondary text logo's the integration of a free hand script font provides fluidity and creates same feeling that the graphic does (even though it is not present in the secondary logo's)


When it comes to colour, I selected a simple palette of fresh green, simple blue and grey. 

The use of green as the primary colour is a play on the business name itself as well as the nature scene. I did not want to colourize the whole illustration as I feel that it would look childish and like a painting rather than a logo-to have 5 or 6 different colours for each element. The simple colours and design evokes a sense of serenity, wholeness and artistry which speaks to the target audience. The lighter blue hue is used to carry the eye from the top to the bottom of the graphic without being overwhelming.

The green represents freshness, balance and a back to the earth feeling. Green also alludes to growth and naturally alludes to positivity!

In the secondary logo's I have provided an all grey logo for times when you may need to print in black and white.