Serenity Grows at its roots supports women in a ground breaking virtual center for holistic postpartum well-being. It is a place for women to let go, dive in, and come back into their womanly roles refreshed and more serene. The focus of building a tribe and the strength women have together has a strong presence throughout the brand. 



28-32 year old females who are expecting a baby and know that the practice of self-care during the postpartum period is crucial to well-being, healing, and sound mental health. She is holistic, shops organic, and lives a more homemade lifestyle with crafting, gardening, and attachment parenting. She’s looking to connect with other women online to share her own experience/s, make new friendships and, overall, find the solace and intimacy she needs to feel stronger as a mom.


Initial project ideas


Serenity Grows has a focus on community and many parts that make a woman feel whole. The use of crystals and serenity helped focus the idea for the logo design. Thinking of a circle which signifies life and abundance we began with that concept. 

Throughout the process, the focus of community really began to speak to me and the integration of a heart with many pieces really stood out as a jumping off point for the logo.

The Primary logo presents the best of both original concept ideas; including a circle with the brand mantra and the fragmented/crystal/geometric heart.

The secondary logo plays on the idea of growth and moving up, connecting with the tribe (geometric heart) to lift up a postpartum mom.

Overall, the primary and secondary logos convey a sense of unity and playfulness, appealing to young mom’s who’s main focus is gaining strength, serenity and support through this period of their lives.


The brand comes to life through the playful use of a hand drawn script font. The mix of hand drawn and the clean sans-serif speak to both the streamlined and creative new mom. 



When it comes to colour, I selected a palette of a feminine purple and strong, fresh green.

The use of purple is known to represent creativity, trust and spirituality. It evokes a sense of serenity and artistry which speaks to the target audience. The lighter hue is used for a connection to female clientele.

The green represents freshness, balance and a back to the earth feeling. Green also alludes to growth and naturally alludes to positivity!