the unicorn in the room

Where do I begin…

I am by no means the poster lady for work life balance…but this is my experience and perhaps you can take something away from my idea of balance (I basically live on coffee).

My typical day starts at 4:30am and working until 7am when my little monsters wake up and I usually go to bed at 10 - working from seven until after my boys go to sleep. Some days I have time to take a long luxurious shower/do my hair/put on makeup. When I do, I feel much better (that is my number one tip, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FISRT).

Showering with my kids around (or your kids) is not advised! They usually ends up with me in the shower and them with all their clothes on - not a fun thing to clean up!

Work life balance is literally the giant unicorn that I'm chasing at all hours of the day.

I love my job and I love my kids and I love my husband I love my dogs and I love myself but when I put all of them together it's hard to differentiate anything from the other.

My life is messy, I mean messy in the literal sense and messy as in I'm never really sure what is coming next (but I think the unknown is my favourite part!)!

I rely heavily on routine with my family as I am a work at home/stay at home mom.

It is a beautiful thing but it is also a very very difficult thing. Definitely not something you can jump into lightly - I worked in an office for years and have a lot of experience and education in my industry but owning my own business is what is best for me and also something I never saw happening!

I am always wearing ten hats!

There are always choices to be made- whether I empty the dishwasher, finish a card design, clean the crayon off the table or answer a client email first… there is always a choice. You need to remember that you are not perfect and the choice will not always be right, but you make it and that is balance to you.

I've come to believe being an entrepreneur is instinctual. Both my parents have their own businesses and are very successful. I watched them do everything for my sibling and I and run their own businesses and they are still very involved today, and they are the hardest working people I have ever met.

Being a business owner and raising children is learned by seeing another great example of it and my parents did just that.

I’ve heard human beings don't multitask well, I used to think I could, but now that I really think about it, when I do one thing at a time, I do it really well- when I do 3 things at a time, something gets messed up!

If you Google or pinterest search worklife balance, there are a million tips to help you de-clutter your desk (which I followed every single one and honestly I can't find a pencil or pen when I need it because the moment I clean it up, within 30 seconds it's messy again-or my kids stole the pen and are colouring something they shouldn't be) There are also many pins on how to schedule me time or how to plan crackpot meals ahead. These websites make me feel nothing but guilt- because I should be more organized, I should have more structure…but I don’t. I am doing the best I can with my own business and three kids (four if you count my husband) Guilt all the way with how much better I could be…but its not true, I’m doing my best.

For me, I am so passionate about lovely little design co. and being a mom that both things take utter importance in my day. I will share my favourite programs, schedules and apps on the next blog.

Welcome to my blog.

I'm Alex

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