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Honestly, work life balance does not exist. When you do what you love, your work becomes you and it's no longer work… It is the reason you wake up in the morning. There are definitely told that I use to help my day run smoothly and keep track of it all!

  1. 17 hats - - I never thought I needed a business organization app/website to keep me in line, but on this site, everything is streamlined, whenever I need to find a quote I sent, it’s there, my leads come directly to the site from my email. Everything is so much easier with this program and honestly, I invested the money because it is a much more professional look for my business.

  2. Trello - I love this app because it has multiple platforms and I can use it when Im on the go to take a note or on my iMac to write out detailed plans. Trello is a visual collaboration tool for planning tasks and projects. Task management is tricky but having it digitally written and laid out really solidifies my plans and helps me keep track, even if I cant find the note I wrote down.

  3. Notebooks - I start every day by making a list of what I need to do that day.

-start with the top 3 need to do tasks

-then write down my household jobs (laundry, grocery shopping etc…) I also write down allotted time for this

- then write your continual tasks like social media management, website development, advertising fall in the next batch.

  • I used to just write down EVERYTHING I had to do in a day then I felt unfulfilled if I didn't work on a certain task. I’ve realized I can’t do everything in 1 day. It is so important to separate the continual tasks and the business building tasks from your must do’s (as a business owner and mom, I make sure that as much as I am working for my business I ALWAYS work ON my business)

I love what I do- I love all my hats (expect the potty training one-boys are messy!)

Every day there's another challenge to overcome, another client that I am thrilled to take on and another lunch to pack for my new kindergarten son. Somehow I get it done because my job is me and I am my job.

My business is an extension of who I am. All of my clients are extensions and reflections of who I am. This is why I value all of you so highly!

To me, work life balance is waking up at 4:30, drinking a coffee from my favourite coffee, taking five minutes to take a shower and then sitting at my computer, opening Adobe inDesign and doing what I love for every moment.

Welcome to my blog.

I'm Alex

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